The Oobah Project

After three decades of wartime destruction and neglect, every facet of Afghanistan’s infrastructure is in disarray. Access to safe drinking water was a serious issue even before the war, and the war has further deteriorated the availability of drinking water, as well as sanitation facilities in Afghanistan. Based on statistics provided by the Government of Afghanistan, only 20 percent of Afghans across the country have access to safe drinking water in cities and villages. The water they drink is often unsanitary and leads to many waterborne illnesses, diarrhea and dysentery. Poor hygiene practices, lack of access to sanitation and clean water contribute to poor health and high prevalence of diarrhea, a major cause of child mortality in Afghanistan

The Oobah Project, “oobah” meaning water in Pashto, serves to provide assistance for the installation and maintenance of clean water delivery systems, specifically water well pumps, in rural villages in Afghanistan.